Artist Statement : A Greeting of Sorts 2010

When I was thirteen years old, I sat on a obnoxiously patterned loveseat, green, red, and off white, and of course, you were there next to me. We were making fun of each other, a normal sort of language for us. When I turned my face away from yours, you stopped laughing. When I turned my face back, I stopped laughing too. I can’t remember who kissed who, but it didn’t matter.

First kisses are inherently uncomfortable, but ten years later, that is the one thing I can’t remember about that situation. I can’t shake the memory, it seems.

Ever since then, any first kiss I’ve ever had with another person has been awkward. There’s been the strange kisses in football fields, the obnoxious one in the back of a friend’s car. There’s been the kiss at the carnival that really was so much less than it should have been. I’ve even kissed someone during fireworks at Epcot, but no dice. Everyone is uncomfortable. Everything is awkward. And for me, the feeling ends soon after, despite how long I try to pretend that it remains.

This isn’t normal, I’m afraid, so I felt as though I should explore it more. And so, forcing other people to be in a situation that is similar to mine seemed like the best way to go. These people, in most cases, have never met before. If they did meet, they were not attracted to each other. Despite that, they were told to face each other and give three kisses. The images are from a sequence of one of those.
When will this ever change?

The Video of one interaction can be found here!